Cirencester – New Year, New Town


TGTG rating 3.5 */5*
Dog friendly break 4* Hotel Stay – The kings Head Hotel

Recommend as a day trip or mini-break, especially for couples or shopaholics.

I don’t know what it is, but there’s something in me that constantly wants to book trips away. It doesn’t seem to matter how many holidays I’ve had, mini-breaks I’ve relaxed on or adventures I’ve planned, I’m always craving more. I’m not sure if that’s the consumerist in me, sucked into ever ongoing advertising posts that tell me these experiences will make my life better; whether it’s because I can’t sit still; or whether it’s because I love spending money. Maybe it’s all of the above. Either way, I love visiting new places and I love to share these experiences with my friends and family. As far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing better than recommendation (obviously depending on whether you trust the recomendee… but I’ll leave that one up to you).

My Thoughts Exactly

Anyway, here we are. Leaving Dorset on the 2nd Jan, where we’d stayed with my sister for new year, it took us just under two hours to reach our destination and we were not disappointed. It was a last minute whim, booked the day prior with my husband, Josh and our puppy, Trixie. I’d already wanted to visit Cirencenster for quite some time and on first arrival, it was actually better than expected. I knew straight away I’d enjoy it. Old windy streets, quirky, colourful buildings, independent shops, lots of opportunities for wine and food and some beautiful parks. What more could you ask for? Oh apart from the chocolate box, Cotswold stone houses, feeling like you’re in the film ‘The Holiday’ and lots of other places to visit in the Cotswolds on the doorstep.

A Deep Sleep?

We stayed at The Kings Head Hotel and it didn’t disappoint. A mid-range venue with a chilled vibe and it really felt like a post Christmas, couples treat. The hotel itself is slightly tired around the edges in some places which would hold it back from being anymore than mid-range but… the staff were friendly, hotel was cosy, modern and welcoming with a fashionable look, the bed was huge and extremely comfortable and room was also large, pretty and functional. The dog friendly aspect was a real draw for us (although this is an extra of £20 a night per dog – beware). They provided a great dog bed and doggy popcorn and the room was plenty big enough for all of us. It didn’t feel stuffy and you didn’t feel on top of people so we felt relaxed enough to chill even with Trixie there. Room highlight was the comfy bed and sofa.

Are 3 courses a sitting still acceptable after New Years Day?

I have to admit on this trip we were pretty lazy. We’d normally research some foodie places to pitch up for breakfast, lunch and dinner but as we were stuffed like turkeys and still slightly hungover from New Years Eve, we opted for ease and indulgence, choosing to eat at The Kings Head Hotel, where we were staying. I’ve read some dodgy reviews about the food there online but I can honestly say it was delicious. On arrival, we sat down for wine and some nibbles before hitting the town. Relaxing in front of the gorgeous fire place in the bar, we chowed down on bread and oils, prawn toast and calamari, with a variety of dips, simple and let’s face it, nothing out of the ordinary these days but done well and yummy, if not a little over-priced at £7 a wine in a gastro bar, but it was still Christmas after all.

For dinner we booked the bar yet again as dogs were not allowed in the restaurant. They were open-plan and shared the same menu however so you really didn’t feel like you were missing out. Terrine for starter, stone bass for main and sticky toffee pudding for desert, all of which did exactly what they said on the tin. Overall, a great night with a total bill for our stay, lunch and dinner included at about £280! Not cheap but also not enough to make you feel guilty for spending that after just forking out on Christmas.

Waffles Anyone?

The next morning, we checked out of the hotel, in search of somewhere that wasn’t £20 a head and a bit different for breakfast. We found He Says She Waffles, a slightly studenty vibe and a bit sticky in places but really friendly staff, dog more than welcome and most importantly delicious waffles. I had the bacon and syrup and the hubby had the full English. Two juices, two coffees and 20 quid later we were watered, fed, satisfied and ready to shop!

I’m turning into my mother and buying half-price Christmas decs in January – help!

If like me you like an independent tut shop (as I like to call them) you’ll love Cirencester. Some more affordable than others, my particular favourite was French Grey Interiors (in pics below). A great mix of slightly pricey but affordable things, that you don’t need but you really really want from great lamps, to quirky prints, scented soaps, some gorgeous jewellery and sumptuous cushions. However this was the scene of the crime… I didn’t buy one but 4 half-price tree decorations. I berate my mum every year for this sort of behaviour but yet in 2019 I have become her. I even got excited about it. I love them and can’t wait for the reveal in 12 months. See below for some of my fav shop picks!


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