Connaught Village – an Instagram Lovers Tour

Connaught Village is a gorgeous corner of London, tucked behind Georgian squares, millions of pounds worth of London property and just next to Hyde Park. When in West London it’s well worth a stroll, especially on a sunny day. It really does have a village-type vibe and you feel miles away from neighbouring, bustling Marble Arch.

Unless you are mega rich, there’s not much in the way of affordability in Connaught Village shopping wise. The main street is lined with swoon-worthy boutiques, art galleries and pops of colour from various buildings – all with Instagram-worthy poise. That’s why I chose to write this blog post as Connaught Village is definitely more style over substance – but that’s OK. Who doesn’t love an Instagram post of gold-leaf hot chocolate, Georgian facades or a gorgeous floral display, whilst you window shop and have a pint in the great local pub – The Duke of Kendal?

Image credit to Visit London

Entering Connaught Village from one of the many side roads, you first see a glimpse of this leafy oasis and this is really where I recommend to slow down the pace, take some snaps and soak up the atmosphere of culture, money and daydreaming. Don’t feel as though you have to stick to a route here – I recommend more of a meander. Admire some of the green squares and beautiful buildings. If you find a village mews to snap, even better.

The architecture is a great mix of old and new, as with all of London and this is what really makes this spot. It’s exclusive and you feel as though you’ve found a gem that other day trippers currently fighting the hoards at Selfridges and Marble Arch don’t know about.

Once you’ve arrived in Connaught Village, there are various spots I recommend for a browse and a photo opportunity.

Bucchanan’s Cheese Monger

Down Porchester Place, Bucchanan’s is an artisan cheesemonger, selling to some of the top restaurants in London. Find out more here.

After stopping for a bite to eat and a pint at The Duke of Kendal – a real local’s pub – head over to PM Flowers – for a peruse and some more snaps. They’ve always got a display to die for.

Last but not least, Saint Aymes has really put Connaught Village on the map. They are famous for their amazing floral displays and signature hot chocolate with gold-leaf. It will set you back a pretty-penny but gold-leaf hot chocolate – come on – who wouldn’t want to try?

Connaught Village have a great community website where you can find all of their upcoming events here.

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