Leigh-on-Sea for Shopaholics

Leigh-on-Sea Broadway is somewhere I think is best to frequent without an agenda, teeming with lifestyle, homeware and gift boutiques, it’s the perfect place to wile away a day with lunch, coffee or even a few cocktails thrown in. It’s constantly changing and evolving, with new venues and businesses being thrown in the mix – making it exciting for regulars and newbies alike.

A vintage furniture shop with florist outside
Rectory Flower and Furniture Store Leigh-on-Sea

I’ve tried to put together a few of my top shop spots to help you on your next trip. It’s an itinerary of sorts but please don’t think I have named everywhere with a window worthwhile stopping at or a doorway worth entering, as that would simply take me far too long.

Start at The Leigh Road end, at the junction of Beach Avenue. This is a quieter part of town but will allow you to take in the whole that Leigh has to offer and, more importantly, makes sure that when you’re ready for drinks, and food you’re in the thick of The Broadway, where the action is at. Bars, cafes and restaurants clutter the streets and you’ll find it hard to choose between the never-ending eateries. Check out the Instagram of @eatleighonsea for tonnes of tips and reviews on where to go. Warning – the mouth-watering Instagram snaps might not make your choice any easier however.

A display of chikdren’s Bedroom decor in a trendy shop in Leigh-on-sea
Wish Lifestyle – Leigh-on-Sea

Down the Leigh Road end of town there’s some cute furniture stores, a great Deli and an array of other little businesses. Keep on walking to The Grand, a huge and beautiful but unfortunately derelict pub on the corner, it’s here that The Broadway starts. Stop at Tin Design and Scape for gorgeous homeware then head on down to Natural Edge for further gift and lifestyle swooning. Trust me if you’re looking for a candle, velvet cushions or something wicker, you won’t struggle to find them here. Continue your journey to Vanessa Shoes Boutique for heels to die for then grab a premium bottle of booze at Clink. The one thing I love about shopping at Leigh is 90% of these shops are independent and as we know, these days it’s so rare for there to be so many of these in one place.

Eco friendly food shop in Leigh-on-sea with zero waste
The Refill Room – Leigh-on-Sea

Coinciding with this blog post is one on Leigh-on-Sea Food and my top picks, so if you’re looking for recommendations take a look here. Further on through The Broadway, you’ll find a few boutique clothes shops such as ‘Ruby Rooms’ and ‘Jez’, although I’m not in these much. Best for kids are definitely Tangerine and Hoboken kids. One of my all time favourites is Wish Lifestyle which is also down this way – get a cute cushion with a pug, a gorgeous but overpriced candle and some string lantern lights at this stunning boutique.

There you have it my shopping recommendations in Leigh-on-Sea. Don’t forget to stop at Bunched Flowers to look around their eclectic interior and grab a succulent before heading home. Enjoy and let me know your thoughts.

Brightly coloured succulents in a florist in Leigh-on-Sea
Bunched Flowers – Leigh-on-Sea

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