Luxury Chateau Stay in France

Why you should visit Chateau De Bagnols

Chateau de Bagnols is possibly one of the most romantic destinations in France. A five star hotel, in the Beaujolais region, it’s an oenologist’s paradise, a family-friendly hotel and a perfect honeymoon spot all rolled into one. In the picturesque village of Bagnols, 35 minutes from metropolitan Lyon, this luxury hotel encompasses everything you will need for a holiday (or mini-break) of dreams. The captivating chateau, dating back to 1217, looks out over the stunning Beaujolais countryside, with uninterrupted views and offers tranquillity through it’s timeless gardens. Everything about this place exudes taste, relaxation and luxury. The Michelin-starred chef ensures your taste buds are set alight; the spa enables you to truly relax and indulge and the vast suites give you a home away from home. Why wouldn’t you want to go?


The Chateau and grounds

The history of the chateau spans several centuries and ‘has been enriched’ by each of it’s new owners over time, finally becoming the country residence it is today’. It most recently belongs to The Lavorel Group and gained it’s 5th star as a hotel in 2013. You can find out more about it’s history here.

The grounds of the chateau are varied and majestic and offer you a place for extra tranquillity during your stay. Directly in front of the chateau, a beautiful fountain epitomises the central piece between the tree-lined frontage. Moving along the secret garden, through vintage gates, you come across a serene swimming pool, surrounded by trees for shade. The walled area, features one gate, which frames the countryside backdrop and adds to the simply fairy-tale setting.


The Suites

One of the glories of Chateau de Bagnols is the range of suites available to suit all tastes and needs. If it’s culture and history you’re after, the Chateau Suites are where you want to stay. The suites are vast with comfortable four-poster beds and medieval features. They are well-equipped – giving you privacy as well, with some being the only ones on that floor. However, if you can’t resist a modern hotel room, then the Chai Suites in the ancient cellar are for you. Completely transformed, they offer luxury, flat screen TVs and air-conditioning, unlike the old chateau rooms. Last, but certainly not least, the Jardin Suites, ideal for families, with a mix of old and new are based in the out-buildings between the courtyard and the rolling hills.

Explore Bagnols Further

Beujoulais, arguably being one of the best wine-regions to sample, offers so much in terms exploration. From wine tours and fine-dining, to picturesque villages with history and culture, all the way to outdoor and adventurous activities. The hotel itself offers various activities for couples and families, one of my favourites being a wine and food tour in a VW camper van. 

European Road Trip

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